Hello All..

I am the very first user of Apple products to use and SE is my first device. I am very glad and happy to use iPhone SE and I am very exited with the performance. Its very comfortable in my daily usage and its looks very attractive and stylish with the body you designed. I am very eagerly waiting to use iPhone SE-2 and many push messages are coming in social media to Apple is going to release the product SE-2.

I am directly asking you… when you are going to launch the new SE-2 model with the same stylish design, and do you have any thought about it. If you peoples have no thoughts, can you please make it possible. bcz, there is huge fallowing to SE and I hope it will be double, treble….etc users/fan followers for the upcoming SE-2/Pro.

And also we need a inbuilt apple security lock systems to the app's for privacy. Please look it to this future to add in upcoming version.

Hope you all understand my concern, and i am waiting for your positive response.

With Regards,

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