The screen of my out of warranty iPhone X refused to turn on one day, with no damage to it. Took it to Machines and they said the screen needed replacement. Screen changed for MYR 1699 and phone was back to normal.

Next month was trying to call a Grab in Singapore in heavy rain, took about 10 minutes to get the car (phone spent most of the time in my pocket). Got in the car and the phone refused to turn on, thought battery was drained .

Reached home and saw water dripping out from the bottom left of the screen, took it to the Apple Store in Singapore and they said the sealer for the screen was not properly reinstalled. They offered to open it but I declined as I wanted to take it back to Machines.

Brought it back to Machines and was accused of swimming in a deep pool with it, and they said the charge would be 3199 including the pictures of the water damage plus photos of the adhesive they say was properly installed.

My question is, how can a phone that I have seen videos of people swimming, and that I have used in the rain before the repair , get full of so much water and die if the adhesive was installed properly? Apple says that the water resistance should be the same if the replacement was done at an AASP but it clearly wasn't . The store is refusing to take any responsibility and Apple has not responded to my messages .

Who am I to turn to? We don't even have an Apple Store in Malaysia. Who is accountable for this botched repair?

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