My Iphone 7+ suddenly had immediate issue where speaker is grayed out while call is in progress. I can’t hear the call and same with the other caller. If I plug a headphone , it will not be detected as when I play audio is plays on the speaker. Same also happens while playing videos. Mic is confirmed working as Siri can hear me. I can only hear the other caller if i use Bluetooth head phones. This immediately started after iOS 12.3 upgrade. I did all troubleshooting suggested on the internet but nothing seems to work. I went to an Apple Store in Walnut Creek CA to raise complaints. I don’t need a new phone as I don’t want to add bills. The Apple Store manager kept insisting that my unit is out of warranty. My IP7+ looks brand new as it is very well kept. The manager said that this unit has no “Application Quality?”. I browsed the internet and noticed this is a common issue in IP7 and IP7+. The manager kept insisting that I will need to pay the cost of repair which is not worth it or trade in for 200 effin 50! i started to get irritated as this is clearly a KNOWN issue on the product where it should not be happening for an 800 effin dollar phone! Bought the phone 2017 and after 2 years and 2 months this is what i got for the amount i paid. Apple should not charge the cost of repair as this is something out of expectation in buying an expensive phones! How can people with the same issue go after Apple ? This is like i bought a cheap, disposable Chinese Phone!

The manager’s reason is that i should have subscribed for a warranty plan! I replied, I don’t have to subscribe for a warranty as I am a very well kept person in using my phone. Also i don't want to add more bills as I trust Apple Products where every customer expects high quality investment as it will not break as easily as that! My unit has no accidental damage and never had history. Additional bill for a warranty is like paying additional cost just to get the quality you are expecting which is freaking annoying! Once again, I bought Apple as i believe i invested money for Product's QUALITY and not pay extra to get the QUALITY. Now, the trust is gone as clearly this is I have bought @#$#in Chinese Iphone! Your product is now the same as Chinese cheap products!

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