iPhone 6 Plus: What would Steve Jobs say about him? On his background, the iPhone 6 seemed like a regular phone. The screen size of the iPhone 6 Plus diagonal (5.5 inches) differed from the size of the very first Mac diagonal of the screen by 3.5 inches. On the size of the diagonal of the first iPhone models (from the very first to the iPhone 4S).

On its background, the iPhone 6 seemed like a regular phone. The screen size of the iPhone 6 Plus diagonal (5.5 inches) differed from the size of the very first Mac diagonal of the screen by 3.5 inches. On the size of the diagonal of the first iPhone models (from the very first to the iPhone 4S).

iPhone 6 Plus: What would Steve Jobs say about him? Steve would most likely take this for granted. Life sometimes requires and not so. Although with him the company would continue to work some very unpleasant in communication, but those who are able to come up with absolutely unconventional and unexpected moves, and seek to implement them without regard to anything. I wondered for a long time why Scott Forstall juggled with Apple Maps, and suddenly came to a version I had never heard of: what if he wasn’t allowed to “mock” the team?

They interfered in the process and canceled it solutions?

Possible. And the question “what would Steve say about the iPhone 6 Plus?” Remains unanswered. It is not known how everything would have developed under him, perhaps there would simply be no need for this giant.

But back to our topic. Smart phones have become incredibly smart, and have grown. Now devices with a diagonal of 4.7 inches were considered the minimum acceptable. A typical and prestigious phone, with a huge and heavy battery, with an 8-core processor and several gigabytes of RAM, was equipped with a 5-6 inch screen. And even more, but then it could be considered a tablet.

And now – the iPhone 6 Plus. It was announced on September 9, 2014, along with the “little brother” that would be the biggest iPhone in history if it were not for it. / P

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h2 Invasion of foreign territory

Sizes iPhone 6 Plus (158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm ) were not just big: because of the size, he belonged to another class of smart phones, Otori journalists dubbed “phablet”. Immediately, both the phone (“ph”) and the tablet (“tablet”) are more likely a tablet than a phone. It seems that in the Russian-speaking press I saw the word “phablet”, although I will not vouch. You never know what you can see in it!

In this class, for a long time and unshakably, Galaxy Generations led several generations. Could Apple Beat It? When sales of the iPhone 6 Plus were just beginning, and holding 6+ in their hands for five to ten minutes, observers with rare unanimity answered “no.”

Over time, the uniqueness of this assessment is a thing of the past. At a minimum, Note and Plus cost each other, I would consider them a combat draw.

The iPhone 6 Plus was light (172 grams for the giant is not weight), despite the size it felt pretty decent in my hand, it worked autonomously longer . Note was a recognized leader in this class, a classic of the genre. A draw?

Apple was convicted of fraud: in view of the protruding rear camera, its thickness was not 7.1 mm, but as much as 7.8 mm. And no magic, the body is not at all the thinnest in this class, and lying is not good. In my opinion it is “found something to find fault”. The body, with the exception of one of its sections, was thin and compatible with the palm of most homo sapiens. Thickening did not affect it. Although it was worthwhile to say about the presentation during the presentation, it was silly to be substituted because of such trifles (and it would be easy to guess that they would pay attention to this).


iPhone 6 Plus: What would Steve Jobs say about him? The aspect ratio (16: 9) was the same as other iPhone models. Thanks to adaptive technology, despite the “fat circumstances”, the iPhone 6 Plus harmoniously and correctly displayed the familiar interfaces of applications and the operating system.

The screen resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus is 1920 × 1080 pixels, that is, HD. 401 pixels per inch. Especially for the “phablet” the 3x scale was used. Cool? Maybe. It looked beautiful and natural, as if it should be so. But, as a result, the graphics subsystem had to enter 23 pixels of image at 20 pixels on the screen in the size and HD resolution.

Adaptivity and scaling algorithms were at their best, except for those who knew what was done, no one I did not notice anything.

The screen itself was very good – the contrast is slightly worse than the 4.7-inch screen of the iPhone 6 (1300: 1 instead of 1400: 1), the brightness is the same (500 cd / m2 ), IPS and Dual-domain pixels. At the level of world standards.

The Apple A8 graphics subsystem effortlessly pulled two million pixels, but it could not be otherwise.

Inside: the same iPhone 6, only a huge / h
img Technically, in almost everything, the iPhone 6 Plus was identical to the iPhone 6. The same system-on-chip, that the same Typhoon overclocked to the same 1.4 GHz, the same 1 GB of RAM, and the assortment of flash memory (16/64/128 GB) is the same as the “younger brother.”

The additional space was used to increase batteries.

It was possible to install something more abruptly and more powerfully into the phablet, but instead Apple decided to concentrate on one configuration and bring it to the maximum possible about brilliance. Close to perfect. If you think something can be done simply and absolutely perfectly, that’s your right.

Last time, we came to the conclusion that any serious mistake could have buried Apple. There were no errors. There was even a whole “Bendgate”, and a decent bunch of smaller problems.

It bends!

Almost in the very first week of sales, the media had a wonderful opportunity to dramatically increase the number of views: there was a scandal. Someone who owns an iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6 Plus – that’s not the point) managed to bend his new “smart phone.”

Then, the case repeated itself. Then again. And a storm broke on the net. One or two people out of a million satisfied can write something good about it. When a problem happens, almost every injured person writes about it, a lot and angry – as if it were a hundred times more than it really is.

And the media loves scandals. Before we blame them for this, we will think about it and realize that this is natural.

The scandal was given the resounding name “bendgate.” From “bend”, i.e. “bend”. Of the famous Bendera, none was involved in this scandal.

Began to understand. Consumer Report has published the results of the investigation: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus do indeed have flexural strength less than the iPhone 5s. Approximately twice. In the case of the body “just above the volume control buttons.”

That’s just the effort to bend the case should exceed 70 pounds (34 kg), which, with adequate use of the phone, under normal conditions, is impossible . Researches were conducted, their result was recorded.

Apple reported that it received 9 complaints from users of the “bent” iPhone 6/6 +, and that it does not need to recall sold devices and urgently strengthen their cases.

Fee for the increase in size while maintaining the convenience of grabbing the device?

There were other problems. Touch Disease (in some iPhone 6/6 +, the contact between the touchscreen and the motherboard was lost), which was a consequence of a manufacturing defect. Problems with optical stabilization of the camera. And a lot of others.

They happened far from every device, every such event caused a sharp resonance in the press and was investigated. Everything is as usual. It was a failure?

The failure, full and final

iPhone 6 Plus: What would Steve Jobs say about him? From September 12, 2014, iPhone 6/6 + could be pre-ordered. To get a guaranteed new toy without pushing in lines. And, as Steve would say, “boom” is the first record. By the start of sales on September 19, 4 million iPhone 6/6 + were ordered. For Friday (September 19) and the weekend, 10 million iPhones 6/6 + were sold, this is another record.

After that, bendgate and other sores, sales fell, Apple top managers asked for alms in the streets of Cupertino , San Jose and San Francisco to pay salary employees? Did Eddie Q and Phil Schiller lose weight and now they don’t look like themselves? Something like that, yes.

A total of 220 million iPhone 6/6 + were sold, this is one of the best-selling smart phones in the world. Over the course of several years (perhaps even now), they exceeded all other iPhones in the number of copies sold.

Almost a quarter of a billion copies!

To be continued

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