I use two computers to share my music libraries and each one is running the latest version of iTunes, One computer is a 2017 27" iMac running High Sierra, the other a MacBook Pro late 2009 running El Capitan. My issue is that when I play music on my laptop (which is ported into my stereo system) from playlists shared on my iMac, not all songs are listed on the laptop, they are all listed on the iMac though. After the last song on the list is played it does play the next song but its not shown in the playlist. The playlist shows about a dozen songs but I cannot scroll to see the rest. Also the song on the bottom of the list only shows half the text as if you need to scroll to see the rest but scrolling is not possible. I can, however, see some of the other songs when I open the window which lists UPNEXT, HISTORY, LYRICS. Hopefully someone here can figure this out. Thanks

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