Hello – Twice now, after an update, Mac Mail refuses to search. This prevents me from finding anything on my four gmail inboxes, and also prevents Mac Mail from populating my many smart mailboxes. The regular spotlight search function (accessed with command space) will work, but not the one in Mac Mail. Rebuilding the mail boxes twice has failed to fix the problem, and following online instructions from Apple which tell us to add and then subtract locations into "privacy" in "spotlight" in our system preferences also will not work. The first time this happened, someone in tech support guided me with screen-share to fix the problem. I would give a kidney to know what they did that time but I don't remember. This time everyone appears stumped. I have a 2009 imac running High Sierra 10.13.6 . Serial number YD0202WNB9U. Oh yes. Also, every time we have an OS update, the computer burps and has to have its operating system reinstalled.

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