Why is it so difficult to fix "file preferences to read/write"

Think of a password that you never used (ever, ever, ever) that has a color that you have never seen and a capital letter, a squiggy punctuation, a number that is in sanskrit, and make sure you can't remember it so write it down on your office computer monitor on a post-it-note so you have to create a new one when you login in at home.

File sharing-can't do it anymore from home-too many hoops, cryptic instructions, idiotic reference with acronyms that are cryptic and reference to processes that require an education in cobalt programming.

Whatever happened to point and click, with 20 minutes of forms, and questions that don't make sense-I never had a pet "fish" so I don't know it's name, and at 72 years old do you think I remember my 1st movie or concert?

What happened to plain english and not having to copy a code to open and post into a terminal application buried in a utility folder?

I still have a Mac Plus in the closet-they were fun and usable, now I spend 30% of my day trying to get simple information and searching for a password I forgot and must create a new one so that uses unrealistic encoding so someone can't read an email to my wife.

Who can tell me how to link a mac mini with an attached hard drive in my office to be able to access from my 17" powerbook at home, that drops signals from Cox, and has firewalls or IP addresses with computer names that are created from my "local subnet"???

Technology has become cumbersome and it now often takes longer to do simple tasks because of the hoops and questions needed.

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