I am currently trying to utilize an Iphone 5s 32G, but it wont allow me to sign into my apple ID when activating. I am using this phone because I recently lost my Iphone 6s Plus. Now my phone number for my apple ID is registered as a number from Canada, but I am currently living in Peru. I contacted someone to insert my activated chip in Canada in an iphone, they can receive text messages and Imessages under my number. They also receive the verification code when I sign into my icloud account. But my phone in Canada is not receiving any message notification when entering my Apple ID and setting up my Iphone 5s. No verification code is being sent to my phone in Canada, This is not allowing to sign my new iphone 5s under my apple ID.

I am not sure why this is not working, I have tried waiting to see if the messages are delayed. But this verfication code is not being sent. What problem could this be? Its very urgent as I am using this phone for work, and all my contacts are backed up to my apple ID. But first of course I need to sign in to recoup them.

Your help would be appreciated.



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